Low Cost In Store Digital Display

Window/In Store Digital Signage


  • Create a “wow factor” by projecting movies, adverts and images and colour in your large windows making use of your unique and prominent location
  • Digital Signage in shop windows creates a modern tech-savvy environment which appeals to clients as they go about their daily business
  • Eliminates the hassle and costs of printing posters or window transfers
  • Promote new offers immediately without delay creating timely and relevant adverts
  • Use Digital Signage System as an information source or a call to action (e.g. service promotion, fees, how you can save customers money, special offers, opening hours)
  • Acts as a feature guide for services which the public may not know you offer
  • Attracts the attention of traffic and pedestrians repeatedly as they pass your branch


  • A reliable Digital Signage system that connects to a standard TV using open source software (no recurring fees)
  • Uses a tiny Linux computer: reliable, low power consumption, discreet
  • All components of the system are easy to replace and maintain
  • Displayed content can be scheduled and controlled by you on your internal network using an up to date web browser
  • Brown Tie can manage and create professional quality content depending on your requirements

Package Contains:

  • Installation of Digital Signage System with a bespoke demo reel advertising (Movies, adverts, artworked images) your services
  • Costs include standard cables and TV/assembly configuration
  • Training on how to use and maintain the Digital Signage software

Digital Signage Special Offer:

  • Standard installation & software configuration
  • Equipment (computer, SD Card with software, power supply)
  • Cabling: CAT 6 & HDMI
  • Demo Reel content: adverts including movie